Hello, Western Vogue!

Welcome to Western Vogue. A place to shop for classic & timeless staple pieces to add to your wardrobe with a few trendy pieces sprinkled in. 


Previously as “The Punchy Pony,” we have been looking forward to updating for a long time. With Covid & wedding planning we had to put rebranding on the back burner, but now we’re hitting 2021 hard with a face lift! For those of you that don’t know when we started out in 2016 we were a tack store in Athens, Texas! We only had a handful of different tops, jeans & jewelry. From there, the boutique grew and we decided to close the tack shop & move into town! These past four and a half years have been such a blessing & we are so very grateful for the love & support y’all have shown us as “The Punchy Pony”. However, our style has evolved and although we loved “The Punchy Pony” we feel “Western Vogue” fits our new vibe so well! As always it will still be my mom and I delivering you the best styles of every season, just with a new name! This coming year we will excitedly be moving forward bringing you the latest styles in western fashion with a touch of business casual & a dash of boho. 


With Love, Western Vogue!